Video Workshop

December 2007

Coordinated by UNDP

This 10-day intensive hands-on video workshop was aimed at enabling HIV +ve people to share their life stories and experiences through the visual language of video. It was aimed at dispelling myths and false notions about HIV and AIDS.

Below are a few scans from the workbooks of different participants showing aspects of the training sessions.
This storyboard recounts the anxiety of an HIV test: the dreaded needle; the pin prick, the face contorted in pain, looking up the calendar for the day of the test result; making a prayer; receiving the report from the doctor.
Screenplay. Scene No. 16.
Seema (woman): I am feeling scared to open this (the envelope with the test report)
Ashok (man): If it is positive, I shall be the one responsible (weeping)
Seema: (offers Ashok a kerchief) If you lose courage, what will I do?
Characters in the story:
Left column, top to down
Man - his role is to be the spokesperson about awareness issues
Woman - the main character in the story
The Mother-in-law: Represents the ills and prejudices in society
Right column, top to down
The Nurse: Represents the ills of the institutions
The Friend: The support system
The Children: Represent hope
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