Taxi Sticker Art
This workshop was organized by Kyoorius Exchange (a forum for art and design practitioners in Mumbai) on 21st June 2006.

The workshop was conducted by Vishal Rawlley in conjuction with Vinod (a taxi sticker artist).

Vishal made a presentation that demonstrated the incorporation of informal creative practices into a formal design stream to create a more contextually responsive design ethos.

Vinod did a demonstration of his craft for the students and showed them the basic techniques.

After this, materials used for taxi sticker designs were distributed to the students to try out their own creations and explore the craft in their own way.
(Above) A poster created by Vishal Rawlley for the Experimenta film festival in Mumbai in 2005. The poster is a collage of photographs of a taxi sticker artist composing the typeface for 'Experimenta'. The photographs are also composed to read 'Experimenta'.
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