NASA 2005 - Building Castles in the Air

A workshop for the NASA conference (National Association of Students of Architecture) at the Academy of Architecture, Mumbai, India. (28th to 31st December 2005)
Students of architecture hoist a jointly built
sculptural piece to a helium balloon.
The final piece floating in the sky

Bombay is a crammed city: all available land has been built upon and every available surface is covered with advertising. Every inch of space and every bit of surface has a price tag on it. This otherwise vibrant and pulsating city has therefore no room for public-art. The workshop involved tackling this issue in innovative ways.

With conventional spaces not readily available in Bombay, one solution was to use air space as a public-art gallery. Air space is not only free of price tags, but also has greater visibility.

This workshop literally involved building a structure suspended in mid air. A helium balloon, 10 feet in diameter, with a load carrying capacity of 20 kg was used to haul the structure into the air. Participants of the workshop designed and built the structure with lightweight materials provided to them.

The exercise was completed over two days involving design discussions on the first day and the execution on the second day.

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