NASA 2005 - Architecture as City Text
'Architecture as City Text' was a workshop conducted in August 2004 with students of architecture at the Zonal NASA (National Association of Students of Architecture) convention hosted by Pillai's Institute of Technology. Twenty architecture colleges participated in the workshop with two students from each college working as a team
This workshop was inspired by the TyPoCiTy project. The aim of the workshop was to generate awareness amongst young architects about typographic designs in public spaces and how they impact the visual environment as much as built structures.The premise of the workshop was to look at architecture as a form of written language. Where every building is a word, a street a sentence, a block a paragraph and thus the manuscript of the city written in its built forms.

The exercise of the workshop involved conceptualising the design for an architectural structure based on an alphabet shape. The connotation of the alphabetical symbol and the ideas its shape and form represent had to find a correspondence with the purpose and function of the architectural structure. Further, the design of the structure, which was simultaneously an alphabet shape, had to be treated as an exercise in font design. Hence, the workshop was a simultaneous process of architecture and typeface design, combined with the understanding of the evolution of language and built forms as expressions of a culture and society.

At the end of the two day workshop students presented their concepts with the aid of worksheets and three-dimentional models. Each presentation was followed by a question & answer session.


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