Monday Market

September 2008

This workshop is an attempt to engage local children with the traditional street market. It is an exercise in community engagement. This is done by playing a game in which we recreate the Monday Market with paper objects.

The workshop involved working with students from the 4th and 5th class of Nav Gyandeep School in the Khirkee neighbourhood of South Delhi.

This neighbourhood is today witnessing an onslaught of mega shopping malls retailing hi-end brands that are beyond the means of much of the neighbourhood which remains village like - Khirkee is an urban village in the heart of South Delhi.

Before this, and even till now, the needs of the community are met by the weekly street market set up on Mondays. In recreating this market, the children discover the joys of the bazaar stocked with objects that are either locally sourced or cheaply imported from China.

The objects are useful but also fanciful and a riot of colour and design. Bargaining and haggling is very permissible. There is excitement and chaos, but it has its own method and order. The atmosphere is charged like a community fair.

The children successfully recreated the familiar atmosphere. Each was competing to sell the most. They had made their own objects invested with love and creativity. Paper currency was distributed to the buyers who were mostly the school teachers. The count at the end decided the winners.

Khoj Community Art Residency

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