Kaushalya - A fellowship of people with creative skills


"Kaushalya" resulted from the PUKAR youth fellowship programme. Vishal Rawlley was awarded a fellowship to mentor a group of young artisans and crafts persons in a project to explore the various urban arts and crafts of Mumbai. The members of the group are listed below. The group met once ever week from November 2005 to June 2006. These meetings facilitated an exchange of ideas and sharing of skills amongst the group members.

The group has decided to call itself "Kaushlya" - meaning capable, or talented. Each group member has a set of accomplished artistic skills. There is a constant endeavor to improve upon these skills and to help and motivate one another in this process  Together we have also conducted group activities and community events that utilize our collective artistic talents (see documentation). At the end of the fellowship period the group also put together a joint exhibition of art works (see documentation). These works were a result of a year long development during which each participant attempted to add to their existing skill base through research and experimentation with new techniques and ideas.

The group is still informally active and involved in creative projects and activities.

To contact any of the members below please write to: vishal@bombay-arts.com or vishal.rawlley@gmail.com


Amruta A. Amkar 

_Sand Painting
_Glass Painting
_Metal Embossing
Asha Chaukekar  _Glass Painting
_Candle Making
Jitesh D. Shingare  _Painting
Nita S. Lad  _Classical & Modern Dance
_Fashion Designing
Ramesh G. Bahadkar  _Interior Design
_Computer Graphics
_Painting & Sketching
Shital L. Parab  _Jewellery Designer
Smita P. Rane  _Dress Designing
_Zardozi Designs
Sunil B. Goriwale  _Rangoli Artist
Swapnil S. Shigvan  _Painting
Trupti V. Parab  _Candle Making
_Dress Designing
Vinay L. Haldankar  


_Glass Art
_Thermocol Sculpture
_Rangoli & Decoration