Chinese Toys, Indian Streets

In this short survey of some of the classic early Chinese toys we see a very Asian design sensibility that is able to tanscend the wide cultural gap between neighbours - India and China.
This is an early Chinese toy in which the characters are still clearly Chinese. Familial scenes such as this interaction between a grandfather and grandchild go well with the Indian ethos.
This is another early Chinese toy with Chinese babies at play. These simple child activities make the toys familiar and acceptable in an Indian context even though they are foreign products.
Another Chinese toy portraying siblings at play. The elder sister taking care of the kid brother is a common scene in Indian households. The ridiculous rotating umbrella on the girl’s head shows an unsophisticated approach that is very acceptable in the Indian lower-middle-class context.
A hand pulled rickshaw is very Asian in character and something Indians can relate to.
The musical cell phone is a very popular toy. A 'kajal' box sits between the two girly cell phones. Oddly, these Barbie doll like phones have a rustic male sung Hindi film-folk song as one of the default tones ('Khai ke paan Benaras wala'). Is that an awkward attempt by the Chinese manufacturer/ Indian toy importer to make the product appealing to the vast Indian hinterland?

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