In this information society, the mediating technologies are still controlled by large corporations and state administrations. They have little incentive to make it cheaper and easier so as to facilitate the participation of those outside the technocracy.

However there are forces at work to ensure that technologies can be snatched from the clutches of the controlling powers. The Phreakers set the precedent long ago...

Digital webs and wireless loops have now ushered in a telephony unprecedented in human history: where all voices can speak and be heard. A different world order may yet be possible...
>Tones and phones, poems and drones>
>cd>goto>.panegyric/ polyptych>
>cd:dir>indexical/ reflexion....
>geopolitics of frequency dispersion,
>necessitates reflexive environmental engagement>

>floating above the city: waves, frequency bursts,
>packets of distilled information distributed
>through out the spectrum of all communications devices.
>What sounds to make? What voices to hear?
>A series of postulates - all utterly intuitive ­
>of devices trained and programmed and sequenced
>with this environment in mind.
>The urban landscape as invisible centrifuge
>for the bio-machinic processes of a culture
>that has been consumed by its communication devices.
>Human and inhuman: the blur is the kinesthetic
>impulse of electro-modernity codes and modes,
>tasks and masks, distributed networks, nets and bets.
>An archive of all that we have said and done,
>adrift in the density the search for
>the meta-pattern acts as a cipher translation.
>Unlock the differential, and perhaps
>another form of communication can be seen:

>Use your eyes to hear and your ears to see,
>thus the concept becomes reality>>>

>cd>dir>funcntion<(x)agent>goto>systemic/ synecdoche>
>goto>methodology: voices collected from detritus of
>wave frequencies/urban/nonspecific>
>Record process>goto>dismemberment of vocal apparatus,
>Distortion of all aspects of
>functional communication/linguistic entropy>
>uncanny/intuition of formative culture/
>new forms, new functions>
>cd:dir://http>mood sculpture for the Combine Generation>>>

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