BOMBAY ARTS is a collection of works by Vishal Rawlley.
Public Art - interactions and interfaces
Urban Documentation - visual essays, documentaries, drawings

The Red Boat
An initiative to make boating more accessible to all and help in the preservation waterbodies.

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Boat making workshops:
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2016 Onwards
Supported byFICA

Panjim Star
Documenting facets of Panjim City: people and places, shops and signages, street art and graffiti...

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Selfinitiated project

Making floating installations and craft from plants that grow around the lakes of Bangalore.

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& photos coming soon)

2016 December
Srishti Institute of Art, Design & Technology

The Star of Panjim
An interactive sound and light installation at Panjim Church



2015 January
Story of Light, Art + Science festival

Chinese Toys, Indian Streets
A survey of Chinese Toys sold on Indian Streets.

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2011 January
Presented at Dakshina Chitra

Creating Interactive Spaces
A workshop with architecture students in adding informational layers to built spaces.

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2016 February
Goa College of Architecture

The DIY project
A series of Do-It-Yourself public space interventions

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2012 April - 2013 April
Supported by Open Space
Miss Use
A survey of raunchy Bhojpuri music album covers

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2007 July - December
Supported by Tasveer Ghar

Exploring living space-perspectives on housing

This workshop with architecture students involved using mobile phones and webcams to set up community interaction games.

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2010 December

Shooting Rajnikanth
An idea to make a film hoarding more fun and interactive

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2011 January
Presented at Dakshina Chitra
Asian Vibes: Bombay
A video documentary on electronic music in Bombay: from early Disco to the new DJs

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2004 May
co-produced by Jigsaw Productions, Paris and Film Republic, Mumbai
Monday Market
A workshop with school children to re-create the local weekly bazaar with paper objects.

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2008 September
Khoj Workshop

Hello Hauz
This interactive floating installation revives the legend of the 800 year old water reservoir in Delhi.

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2010 April
Part of Beam Me Up
Supported by Pro Helvetia

The Rats of Bombei
A comic book about the City, the Rats and the Elephant Lord of the megapolis of Bombei...

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2003 August

Self supported
Video Workshop
A workshop for HIV +ve people. For SAVE foundation, Sangli, Maharashtra.

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2007 December

Coordinated by UNDP

CityPlay 1.0
This multi-user, interactive play tool creates a dynamic collage of city sights and sounds.

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2010 February

Commissioned by Goethe Institut

Quick Gun Murugan
The fastest draw in the wild South of India was designed into a comic book character

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2002 September

Supported by Rajesh Devraj
Film Poster Painting with Rehman Bhai
An exchange between design students and a local artist

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2006 June 20th - 27th
Self coordinated

Drawing Sound
An interface to make sounds by drawing, or creating shapes and shadows.

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2009 December
Khoj Workshop

An archive of rare and interesting instances of typography in public spaces of Bombay

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2002 - 2004
Sarai Independent Fellowship
Research and Experimentation Grant, Daniel Langlois Foundation

2008 - 2009

Self Motivated Research
Building Castles in the Air
An exercise with architecture students to build a structure that floats in air

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2005 December 28th to 31st
As part of the NASA convention at the Academy of Architecture
Dil Mange Mor
This interactive installation, themed around public-art-ecology calls attention to the association between the peacock and the city of Delhi.

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2008 December
48̊ C Public.Art.Ecology Festival

A survey of Indian porn magazines from the late 1990s

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2001 November
Commissioned by
A creative group of girls and boys from the local community come together to explore the arts and crafts of Mumbai

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2005 - 2006
PUKAR Youth Fellowship Programme
Awaz Do (aka VoiceWave)
A system that uses the telephone to provide an egalitarian public networking tool < read more >
< Phone World > an original track dedicated to the Phreakers

< Legend of the Sea Lord

2007 March - April
Residency at OBORO MediaLab,
supported by Daniel Langlois Foundation

Bombay Sonic
What are the people saying about love and longing in the city?

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2001 May
Commissioned by

Architecture as City Text
Examining the relationship between architecture and type design.

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2004 August
As part of the ZONASA convention at the Pillai's Institute